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Open your business 24 - 7 - 365

There are a millions of people now buying, booking, banking, and spending online. By making your business accessible to these people means that you will gain extra business. Having your own website to sell online will give you the option to open your business all day everyday - and sell further afield.

NETMaster Website pages - fully responsive (adapts to PC - Tablet or Phone screen size)

Apart from the extra income that your business can generate using a NETMaster website (see FAQs for more on exactly what a NETMaster website is), one of the other big benefits of using NETMaster is that you control the content of your website - without any prior knowledge of the internet, editing, uploading, webpages or websites. There is no software to install and you can connect to your website from any PC in the world. Updating the main screens is very easy (yes, we promise) and you will be able to make changes edits etc without the need to use a professional IT web design company.

You can rename your web pages and the navigation buttons that access these pages - making NETMaster very customizable.

The main header graphic can also be changed and uploaded to your site if you want to change that in the future.

Your website is fully responsive - this means that the web pages that your end user sees will adapt to whatever device its being viewed on. So, your customer (the person viewing your website) gets a better experience when visiting and so is more inclined to stay longer

Do I have to use all of the website features

No, NETMaster provides 3 main different and separate functions, so you choose the function you need your NETMaster website to achieve, and that is all you pay for. The other functions will not appear on your website.

Live Appointments and Booking System Options

Using this feature allows both existing and new customers to book their appointments or service online via your website. Not all your customers will want or be able to telephone you during normal business hours - so offering them the opportunity to book online means extra business for you. You can control how many bookings you take online, so you are still in complete control of your appointments diary.

Credit Card Online

If you decide to you can turn on the credit card facility - with this turned on customers will need to enter their credit card details before any Appointment or Service bookings can be made. If you leave this facility turned off then customers can make bookings without having to enter their card details - when this credit card function is turned off there is no visible sign of this feature. We would strongly recommend using an optional SSL certificate for your site if you want to use the credit card feature. Please note that this part of the system does not process the payment - it only captures the card details for you to process later. You will need to check your credit card merchant agreement to ensure that this is allowed.

Standard Features Package

This package provides you with a great looking website - from which you can control and edit the page content. You can also have a POP3 email account if you don't already have an email account - or webmail (webmail means you don't download email but view them online). From this package you can add further features (see above) now or in the future.

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