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Open your business 24 - 7 - 365 with NETMaster

There are a millions of people now buying, booking, banking, and spending online. By making your business accessible to these people means that you will gain extra business. Having your own website to sell online will give you the option to open your business all day everyday - and sell further afield.

what is netmaster

Netmaster is a fully responsive (adapts to the device its being viewed on)  online booking, and sales system. All our example sites can have the NETMaster system incorporated into the website. From that point depending on the type of business you run, you can turn on the 'Appointments' system, or the 'Service 'system using the service system provides for you to detail line by line what is included.  The online sales page provides you the opportunity to advertise any products that you sell.  The are several options for payment at the end depending on your business.

how to incorporate the netmaster booking system

Option 1.

Option 1 provides a full great value website experience.  Using one of our professional looking example websites. Your website can use a combination of your photos or you can use the photos and images used in the examples. All the text can be edited (or removed if not needed) with information you would like to use.  This style of website can be expanded at any time in the future, adding additional pages when you feel you need to. All the  NETMaster booking features are incorporated  into the website. If you would like just the  website but not the NETMaster booking features then this is possible.

Option 2.

Typically this option would be used when you have an existing website that you are happy with and you want to incorporate the NET Master booking system into your existing website. This can be done very quickly, we will advise your own IT person who looks after your website on what is required.  This option typically requires very little re working of your existing site.

Option 3.

This option  (our example 6) provides for a single website which incorporates all the benefits of the NETMaster booking system  that you chosen. You can edit the content of the website and the website pages without the need to use any other software or an IT person .  This provides an ideal solution for a lot of garages who want an easy to use system, who might from time to time changes things without needing assistance.



Using this feature allows both existing and new customers to book a service ( a service allows for you to describe item by item what is included in the service), or book an appointment  you can choose to have either appointments or service booking features turned on or both. Not all your customers will want or be able to telephone during normal business hours - so offering them the opportunity to book oonline means extra business for you. You can control how many bookings you take oonline, so you are still in complete control of your appointments diary. With the added advantage of listing exactly what your service includes - you can be as brief as you need or as detailed as you wish. All the service items are created by you so they reflect exactly your business needs and requirements.

Online sales

Our online Sales feature provides for a full online experience for your customer to order and pay online, or alternatively you can set up your online sales to let your customer order online and then pick up in store.  The shopping cart for online sales is done via a third party and can normally be set up to take payments using your existing merchant arrangement,

NEtMASTER CMS website (Example 6 only)

This package provides you with a great looking website - from which you can control and edit the page content. You can also have a POP3 email account if you don't already have an email account - or webmail (webmail means you don't download email but view them online). From this package you can add further features (see above) now or in the future.

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